The Cerex MAX instrument package is loaded with sophisticated features, including: 

  • Automatic calculation of specific growth rate
  • Voltage output with user programmable scale selection to maximum range of 0-5 volts. 4-20 milliamp DB-9 port also supplied as standard
  • Calibration curve profile storage and recall


Sizes are available to fit your specific requirements:

  • Cerex sensors incorporate a debubbling mechanism to minimize the effects of bubbles on accuracy in aerated cultures
  • Measurements can be made over a broad range, from 0.1 OD to 100 + OD
  • Laser diodes are used to provide an 850 nm wavelength for light transmission through the sensor’s optical cell.  Alternate wavelengths are available upon request

Cabinet Mounts

Instrument keypad and display are available for cabinet mount for a securely sealed package.

  • MAX instrument is mounted inside the main instrumentation cabinet in a compact chassis
  • Analog output from the MAX instrument is cabled directly to the main instrumentation inside the cabinet for on-line control strategies

Parts List

Our complete parts list may be found here

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