Cerex Inc.’s MAX Instrument


MAX allows new process control strategies to maximize product yield and consistency.

Sensor fouling. Culture contamination. Size constraints. And most of all, bubble interference with optical detection signals. These factors have made determining cell mass concentration with on-line instruments an inaccurate effort at best.  The Cerex optical probe mounts directly into a bio-reactor vessel headplate or into a standard 25mm side port for pilot plant and larger fermentors. The probe can be sterilized in-place or autoclaved; since the MAX does not require external sampling during operation, contamination problems are nonexistent and sampling errors are eliminated.

MAX’s probe can be mounted into a standard 25mm side entry port or on the headplate of a laboratory bioreactor through a 19mm or 25mm port. (Custom fittings are available.) Four immersion depths are available.  The instrumentation module is provided as a free-standing tabletop model as well as a panel mount unit for installation inside an instrument cabinet. The front panel of the instrument has an alpha/numeric vacuum fluorescent display for menu prompts, keypad entry and parameter display.

Why choose Cerex instruments?

Cerex instruments go beyond other instruments:

  • The measurements are accurate and not affected by impeller speed or aeration rate
  • The measurements are accurate in the optical density range of zero to 1.o (see below) as well as to over 100 optical density units.
  • The data is stored by the instrument up to 2400 data points
  • The is no data loss due to power failure or upon turning off the instrument.
  • Steam sterilizable both in situ for large scale fermentors and in autoclaves.
  • Easily integrated into host control systems via 4-20mA
  • Allows remote on-line monitoring via RS232 output

Small Bacterial

Technical Specifications:

  • Automatic calculation of specific growth rate
  • RS 422/485 bi-directional port
  • Voltage output to control instrumentation with user programmable scale selection to maximum range of 0-5 volts. 4-20 milliamp DB-9 port also supplied as standard
  • Vacuum fluorescent display for menu prompts and parameter status
  • Calibration curve profile storage and recall
  • Data storage and recall (approximately 2400 data points)
  • Corrosion resistant keypad
  • Auto-ranging power supply for 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Selectable data collection frequency
  • Sensors available for either 25mm or 19mm diameter entry ports

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